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About Us

VisionSteel is a newly created company providing welding and metalwork services.
The founder of the company – Kazimierz Jefimowicz – has many years of documented professional experience supported by high qualifications.
Our mission is to provide services that provide customers with the level of security they require. For the sake of private and corporate property ownership, we use the best materials to deliver our services. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and portfolio.
Welding method to which I have qualifications (MIG / MAG) is based on welding with a fusible electrode in the shield of active gases (MAG) often used: a mixture of carbon dioxide with argon or carbon dioxide – or neutral (MIG) most often used: argon, helium.
In this method, you can observe the glow of an electric arc between the electrode in the form of a wire and the material being welded. The liquid metal lake and arch are protected by active or inert gas. The MIG / MAG method is used in the welding of many materials due to the appropriate selection for different metals of shielding gas and electrode wire.

We produce:

stainless steel balustrades, gates, pergolas, railings, window wallets, steel structures, panic doors, partitions, pedestals and other

Welding services:

welding: steel structures (mainly for the purpose of building warehouses and production halls), gates, balustrades, steel, barriers, field welding, renovation…

Modern interior elements

stainless steel or powder coated.

Welding methods

MAG: based on welding with a fusible electrode in the shield of active gases. Often, a mixture of carbon dioxide…